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Note: This wiki no longer being actively supported. Please visit Instructure's web site for more current documentation.

This wiki was created by Utah Valley University's Innovation Center and was collaboratively authored by Utah higher ed institutions as part of the Instructure Canvas statewide LMS project, hosted and supported by the Utah Education Network (UEN).


  1. Canvas Orientation
  2. Canvas for Teachers
  3. Canvas for Students
  4. Comparison to Bb/WebCT Vista
  5. Updating Your Profile and Communication Preferences
  6. Canvas for Administrators
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

Designing and Building


Teaching and Facilitating


Canvas Essentials for Students

See our Students page for more topics.


Canvas for Administrators

See our Administrators page for more topics.


Consortium Pages

Info from this section has been moved: General Info for Consortium Institutions

List of Consortium Institutions

All materials in this wiki are licensed for free public use as CC By-NC. See License and attribution requirements for details.

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