Course and Student Management

When will students be automatically enrolled in my Canvas course?

Canvas integration with student information systems is planned for Fall 2011.

Conversion, Migration, and Backups

How do I convert my Blackboard Vista course to Canvas?

See Blackboard Vista Migration.

How do I convert my Moodle course to Canvas?

The Canvas importer does not yet support Moodle. You can use Respondus help migrate quizzes--see Importing quizzes for details.

Can I make a backup of my course?

Only the course materials and activities (not student record), but Instructure says they're working on it.


Why doesn't the quiz importer bring in my pictures?

If you're importing a quiz from a Respondus file, the QTI format doesn't support images (Instructure is planning to fix this).

But if you're importing a quiz from Blackboard Vista, images should come right through.

Can I use Respondus Lockdown Browser (LDB)?

You can require that students use the Lockdown Browser regardless of the LMS since it is a stand-alone software. Currently there is no integration with Canvas, so if students are not in a proctored environment there's no guarantee that they're using the LDB. Instructure is working with Respondus on an integration with LDB, and it should be available by May 1, 2011.

I want to import a quiz, what file types can import into Canvas?

Canvas will import files in IMS QTI format.

You can use Respondus to create quizzes/exams in IMS QTI format[[1]].

Files and Pages

How do I edit my HTML page in Files?

A WYSIWYG editor for Files is currently missing from Canvas, but is on Instructure's roadmap for addition.

How do I move a file or folder in Files?

Click on the icon of the file (not the file name). When you see the 4-arrow cursor, drag and drop the file to the target folder.

Grades and Grade Book

How do I create grade calculations?

Canvas's Grades tool is simple and elegant, but that simplicity may come at the cost of certain features. Grade calculations are currently supported by weighted items only, so:

  1. Set up Assignment Groups
  2. In Grades > Options choose Set Group Weights and divide the percentage points by group.

How do I drop the lowest 1 or more scores?

Custom functionality like dropping the lowest X number of scores is done from within Assignments by editing an Assignment Group.

Faculty Support

Where can I get more help?

Instructure maintains a support page at Faculty should also contact their own institution's faculty training or technology support center.

About This Wiki

Can I copy content from this wiki?

Yes. See License and attribution for more details.

Who runs this wiki?

Utah Valley University hosts and administers this wiki for the Utah System of Higher Education Consortium and the Utah Education Network. Contact Jared Stein for more information.

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